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Walton and Willett Stone Store

Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn

Walton and Willett Stone Store

бумажная книга

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  • ISBN: 978-5-5119-8020-1

Аннотация к книге "Walton and Willett Stone Store"

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Walton and Willett Stone Store, also known as Cahill`s Fish Market, is a historic commercial building located at Oswego in Oswego County, New York. It is a three and four story, limestone structure with a distinctive stepped gable roof on the banks of the Oswego River. It was built in 1828 and first used as a ship chandlery. In later years, it housed a newspaper office, customs collector, steamboat ticket and freight office, and warehouse. In 1945, it was purchased for use as a fish market.