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Twentieth-Century Museums II

Philip Drew, David Jenkins, Adrian Dannatt

Twentieth-Century Museums II

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  • ISBN: 0714838799
  • 180 страниц
  • март 2002
  • Phaidon

Аннотация к книге "Twentieth-Century Museums II"

The Museum of Modern Art in Gunma, surrounded by parkland, is the most complete realization by Isozaki of a conceptual approach to museum design. The Clore Gallery, London, was built to house the Tate Gallery’s superb collection of paintings by J M W Turner, while the Tate in Liverpool was created out of a magnificent 1845 dockside warehouse; both are examined here within the context of Stirling & Wilford’s ?uvre at the time of construction. James Ingo Freed’s United States Holocaust Memorial...