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Something to Talk About

Sarah Webb

Something to Talk About

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  • ISBN: 0-330-49328-0
  • 480 страниц
  • ноябрь 2004
  • Pan Macmillan

Аннотация к книге "Something to Talk About"

A delightfully wicked romantic comedy - if you`re a `When Harry Met Sally` fan - you`ll love this book! Can men and women ever really be friends? Lucy and Max have been best friends forever. Lucy, a bored beautician with a sad Jamie Oliver obsession, is determined to find kite-maker, Max a girlfriend. Someone who will meet up to her own high standards. In the name of `True Love` and with the help of Jamle`s `The Naked Chef`, Lucy decides to hold a `Meet Max` dinner to find Max the right woman,...