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Ghost Stories of Henry James #ост./не издается#

James, H.

Ghost Stories of Henry James #ост./не издается#

бумажная книга

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С 2001 года книга «Ghost Stories of Henry James #ост./не издается#» переиздавалась 5 раз. Дата первого издания «M. R. James. Collected Ghost Stories»: январь 2001 года, последнее, 5-е издание вышло в октябре 2011 года.

Аннотация к книге "Ghost Stories of Henry James #ост./не издается#"

Henry James was arguably the greatest practitioner of what has been called the psychological ghost story. His stories explore the region which lies between the supernatural or straightforwardly marvellous and the darker areas of the human psyche. This edition includes all ten of his `appacitional` stories, or ghost stories in the strict sense of the term, and as such is the fullest collection currently available. The stories range widely in tone and type. They include `The Jolly Corner`, a...

Аннотация к изданию: январь 2001 года (издательство "Wordsworth Editions Ltd.", ISBN 1-85326-053-3)

M.R.James is probably the finest ghost-story writer England has ever produced. These tales are not only classics of their genre, but are also superb examples of beautifully-paced understatement, convincing background and chilling terror.
As well as the preface, there is a fascinating tail-piece by M.R.James, `Stories I Have Tried to Write`, which accompanies these thirty tales. Among them are `Casting the Runes`, `Oh, Whistle and I`ll come to you, My Lad`, `The Tractate Middoth`, `The Ash Tree` and `Canon Alberic`s Scrapbook`.