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Institutionalization of Usability
Eric Schaffer
Institutionalization of Usability
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Institutionalization of Usability

Eric Schaffer

Institutionalization of Usability

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  • ISBN: 0-321-17934-X
  • 304 страницы
  • февраль 2004
  • Addison-Wesley

Аннотация к книге "Institutionalization of Usability"

Learn how to: Educate your organization about the importance of usability . Hire and coordinate usability staff and consultants. Plan the standards, design, and implementation phases. Retrofit a method that has added user-centered activities. Recruit participants for usability interviews and testing . Select the right staff and project to showcase—by timeline, user impact, and visibility. Evangelize, train and mentor staff, and support the community. Whether you are an executive leading the...