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Dance dance dance

H Murakami

Dance dance dance

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  • ISBN: 0-09-944876-9
  • 400 страниц
  • апрель 2004
  • Harvill Press

Аннотация к книге "Dance dance dance"

High-class call girls billed to Mastercard. A psychic thirteen-year-old drop-out with a passion for Talking Heads. A hunky matinee idol doomed to play dentists and teachers. A one-armed beachcombing poet, an uptight hotel clerk and one very bemused narrator caught in the web of advanced capitalist mayhem. Combine this offbeat cast of characters with Murakami`s idiosyncratic prose and out comes "Dance Dance Dance". It is an assault on the senses, part murder mystery, part metaphysical speculation; a fable for our times as catchy as a rock song blasting from the window of a sports car.

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