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40 Photoshop Power Effects: на английском языке

Scott Hamlin, Scott Balay

40 Photoshop Power Effects: на английском языке

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  • ISBN: 1-903450-56-х
  • 217 страниц
  • апрель 2002
  • Friends of Ed
  • 585 г

Аннотация к книге "40 Photoshop Power Effects: на английском языке"

Whether you are new to Photoshop and want to produce some startling and impressive effects quickly, or you are a professional designer looking for inspiration and ground-breaking techniques to push your work to a new level, this book is for you. We\'ve teamed up with top professionals from Eyeland Studio to show you how the experts do it. We\'ve been ruthless while editing this book: any effects that didn\'t make the grade were cut. We wanted to have only the best in this compact volume - speed...

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