книги Художественная литература Беллетристика Триллеры, мистика, ужасы

When the Time Comes

Код 3609420

  • ISBN: 9781940625010
  • 228 страниц
  • ноябрь 2013

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In the years before the Second World War, a man throws a statue of the crucified Christ over a waterfall. Later, in Hitler`s trenches, he loses his arms to an enemy grenade. The blasphemer, screaming in agony, presided over by Satan, who pours a cup of gall into his open mouth, is portrayed amid the flames of Hell in a painting by the parish priest that is mounted on a calvary where the two streets in the cross-shaped village meet. Thus begins When the Time Comes, Josef Winkler`s chronicle of...

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Дата выхода: ноябрь 2013
ISBN: 9781940625010
Объём: 228 страниц

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