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Venice. From Canaletto and Turner To Monet

Gottfried, B

Venice. From Canaletto and Turner To Monet

бумажная книга

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  • ISBN: 978-3-7757-2241-4
  • 224 страницы
  • октябрь 2011

Аннотация к книге "Venice. From Canaletto and Turner To Monet"

Discover Venice in a splendid volume of masterpieces by artists such as Canaletto, William Turner, Paul Signac, and Claude Monet. Thanks to its unique qualities—the beguiling interplay of light, water, and atmosphere—Venice was elevated to a magical “laboratory of perception” in the nineteenth century. Like many other artists, Claude Monet also sojourned in the city with its lagoons and islands, where he was inspired to create his famous Venice cycle in the autumn of 1908. His Venetian...