книги Художественная литература Беллетристика Фантастика, фэнтези


Код 177888

  • ISBN: 0-441-01123-3
  • 256 страниц
  • апрель 2004
  • Penguin USA

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Аннотация к книге "Telling"

There have been eighty requests to send an Observer into the hinterlands of the planet Aka to study the natives. Much to everyone`s surprise, the eighty-first request is granted, and Observer Sutty is sent upriver to Okzat-Ozkat, a small city in the foothills of Rangma, to talk to the remnants in hiding of a cult practising a banned religion. On Aka, everything that was written in the old scripts has been destroyed; modern aural literature is all written to Corporation specifications. The Corporation expects Sutty to report back so the non-standardised folk stories and songs can be wiped out and the people `re-educated`. But Sutty herself is in for an education she never imagined.

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2004, апрель:книга на бумаге "Telling", ISBN: 0-441-01123-3, издательство "Penguin USA", 256 стр.

G. Le
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2003, январь:книга на бумаге "Толкователи", ISBN: 5-699-01760-7, издательство "Эксмо", 352 стр., твёрдая обложка, тираж 10000 экземпляров

Урсула Ле Гуин
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Издательство: Penguin USA
Дата выхода: апрель 2004
ISBN: 0-441-01123-3
Объём: 256 страниц

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Художественная литература

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