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The White Company

A. Conan Doyle

The White Company

бумажная книга

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С 1999 года книга «The White Company» переиздавалась 2 раза. Дата первого издания «The White Company»: декабрь 1999 года, последнее, 2-е издание вышло в январе 2001 года.

Аннотация к книге "The White Company"

`The White Company` is a motley group of English mercenaries, led by Sir Nigel Loring whose youthful adventures are recounted in `Sir Nigel`, also published as a Wordsworth Classic.
With assiduous attention to historical detail, Conan Doyle paints a convincing picture of 14th-century life and manners. `The White Company`, bound by an unquestioning respect for social order, patriotism and lust for adventure, makes its way to France to fight in local wars. The medieval world of chivalry is revealed from a variety of aspects as Conan Doyle tells this robust and stirring tale of adventure with the spirit and humorous touch of a Chaucerian raconteur.