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The Unspoken Code

Код 3611685

  • ISBN: 9781847480118
  • 72 страницы
  • январь 2008

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All Ashley wanted to do was get to Linzi Andrews` party safely; but with her friends, Alex and Maia, arguing all the time, she might have known things wouldn`t work out that way. Swerving off the motorway, they wind up careering through a tear in time, landing on the edge of Falfalla, a small village that has been stuck in 1586 for the past 420 years. But no one seems to know how it happened and, with the evil Shadows at large, there`s no one brave enough to do anything about it. It`s up to Ashley, her brother and their friends to save them - that`s if they can get back to the present. Ancient spells, a lost village, war between the gods. As if being fifteen wasn`t bad enough!

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Дата выхода: январь 2008
ISBN: 9781847480118
Объём: 72 страниц

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