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Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Piano

Rosemary Border

Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Piano

бумажная книга

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С 2007 года книга «Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Piano» переиздавалась 2 раза. Дата первого издания «The Piano»: февраль 2007 года, последнее, 2-е издание вышло в октябре 2011 года.

Аннотация к книге "Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Piano"

One day, a farmer tells a farm boy to take everything out of an old building and throw it away. `It`s all rubbish`, he says. In the middle of all the rubbish, the boy finds a beautiful old piano. He has never played before, but now, when his fingers touch the piano, he begins to play. He closes his eyes and the music comes to him - and the music moves his fingers. When he opens his eyes again, he knows that his life is changed for