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The New Discworld Companion


The New Discworld Companion

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  • ISBN: 0-575-07555-4
  • 472 страницы
  • ноябрь 2004
  • Orion Publishers
  • 265 г

Аннотация к книге "The New Discworld Companion"

The Discworld is an unpredictable place, what with rivers you can skateboard across (if they weren`t so knobbly), rocks that like a stroll about of an evening and points of raw magic that can turn a body inside out soon as look at it. For safety`s sake, you need a guide! The DISCWORLD COMPANION contains everything you need to know about the Discworld. This edition, the first major revision since HOGFATHER was published (1997), covers the eight DISCWORLD novels from JINGO onwards, including THE LAST HERO and MAURICE AND HIS AMAZING EDUCATED RODENTS, as well as the Diaries, the plays and other Discworld Spinoffery.