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The Hippopotamus Pool


The Hippopotamus Pool

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  • ISBN: 0-446-60398-8
  • 448 страниц
  • апрель 2004
  • Warner Books
  • 215 г

Аннотация к книге "The Hippopotamus Pool"

What could be more intriguing to Amelia Peabody and her irresistible, irascible husband, Emerson ("the Father of Curses"), than meeting a masked stranger who offers to show them an Egyptian queen`s lost tomb? The mysterious disappearance of that midnight visitor before he can disclose the secret! Thus begins Amelia`s newest adventure along the Nile. Helped or hampered by two teenagers, their son Ramses and their beautiful ward, Nefret, the Emersons set sail for Thebes to find the hidden tomb of...