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The Do-It Yourself. PC Book. На английском языке

Kyle MacRae

The Do-It Yourself. PC Book. На английском языке

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Аннотация к книге "The Do-It Yourself. PC Book. На английском языке"

This highly illustrated full-color guide is the easiest way to master the art of upgrading, maintaining, and repairing your PC. Written with humor and simplicity, The Do-It-Yourself PC Book demystifies and explains the inner workings of your computer and makes it easy for anyone to give their old machine a boost or keep their new one in perfect working order. Each chapter features clear explanations and step-by-step instructions while the accompanying full-color photographs show you every procedure and component. You get all the essential facts quickly and painlessly in special "techie-corner" and "trouble-shooter" features.

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