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The Art of UNIX Programming
E. Raymond
The Art of UNIX Programming
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The Art of UNIX Programming

E. Raymond

The Art of UNIX Programming

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  • ISBN: 0-13-142901-9
  • 560 страниц
  • сентябрь 2003
  • Addison-Wesley

Аннотация к книге "The Art of UNIX Programming"

In this book, five years in the making, the author encapsulates three decades of unwritten, hard-won software engineering wisdom. Raymond brings together for the first time the philosophy, design patterns, tools, culture, and traditions that make UNIX home to the world\'s best and most innovative software, and shows how these are carried forward in Linux and today\'s open-source movement. Using examples from leading open-source projects, he shows UNIX and Linux programmers how to apply this wisdom in building software that\'s more elegant, more portable, more reusable, and longer-lived.

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