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The Adventures of the U-202

Код 3610038

  • ISBN: 9781612030685
  • 84 страницы
  • январь 2011

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Аннотация к книге "The Adventures of the U-202"

The Adventures of the U-202 is a narative of German U-Boat Commander Baron Spiegel Von Und Zu Peckelsheim. "I was sitting on the conning tower smoking a cigarette. Then the splash of a wave soaked it. I tried to draw another puff. It tasted loathsome and frizzled. Then I became angry and threw it away. I can see my reader`s surprised expression. You had expected to read a serious U-boat story and now such a ridiculous beginning! But I know what I am doing. If I had once thrown myself into the...

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Дата выхода: январь 2011
ISBN: 9781612030685
Объём: 84 страниц

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