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Soft Neon

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Soft Neon, also known as Neon Flex, LED Flex, and Flex Neon LED, is a flexible light chain composed of light emitting diodes. This product is available from many sources worldwide, and contains varying numbers of LEDs to produce white or colored lights. This product is actually an evolving rope light which simulates the rigid neon gas-filled tubing used for many years as signage and border illumination. As many other LED items, the life expectancy is...

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Издательство: Книга по требованию
Дата выхода: июль 2011
ISBN: 978-6-1330-4474-6
Объём: 116 страниц
Масса: 196 г
Размеры(высота, ширина, толщина), см: 23 x 16 x 1

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