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Russian Vocabulary 2e


Hinkel, Eli

Russian Vocabulary 2e

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С 2004 года книга «Russian Vocabulary 2e» переиздавалась 2 раза. Дата первого издания «Russian Vocabulary»: апрель 2004 года, последнее, 2-е издание вышло в августе 2011 года.

Аннотация к книге "Russian Vocabulary 2e"

This pocket-size book lists approximately 6,000 words in English with translations into Russian. Words are divided into several different categories and listed alphabetically within each category. Categories include greetings, numbers, measurements, moods and emotions, driving situations, travel situations, sports, foods, shopping, phoning, and many others. All titles in Barron`s foreign language "Vocabulary Series" include pronunciation guides and a bilingual and alphabetical quick "Wordfinder" section. Barron`s "Vocabulary" books are useful students` classroom supplements as well as handy travelers` aids.