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Running Linux. 4-th edition

M. Welsh, Matthias K. Dalheimer, Terry Dawson, Lar Kaufman

Running Linux. 4-th edition

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  • ISBN: 0-596-00272-6
  • 673 страницы
  • декабрь 2002
  • O'Reilly
  • 965 г

Аннотация к книге "Running Linux. 4-th edition"

You\'re about to begin your first Linux installation. Or, you may have been using Linux for years and need to know more about adding a network printer or configuring for ADSL. Running Linux, now in its fourth edition, is the book you\'ll want to reach for. Widely recognized in the Linux community as the getting-started book that people need, it answers the questions and tackles configuration issues that frequently plague users, but are seldom addressed in other books.
Running Linux has...