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Tales from Perilous Realm: Roverandom & Other Faery Stories

Tolkien, J.R.R.

Tales from Perilous Realm: Roverandom & Other Faery Stories

бумажная книга

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С 2003 года книга «Tales from Perilous Realm: Roverandom & Other Faery Stories» переиздавалась 3 раза. Дата первого издания «Roverandom»: март 2003 года, последнее, 3-е издание вышло в марте 2012 года.

Аннотация к книге "Tales from Perilous Realm: Roverandom & Other Faery Stories"

Available for the first time in one volume, this is the definitive collection of Tolkien`s five acclaimed modern classic `fairie` tales in the vein of `The Hobbit`. The five tales are written with the same skill, quality and charm that made The Hobbit a classic. Largely overlooked because of their short lengths, they are finally together in a volume which reaffirms Tolkien`s place as a master storyteller for readers young and old. Roverandom is a toy dog who, enchanted by a sand sorcerer, gets...

Аннотация к изданию: апрель 2004 года (издательство "HarperCollins", ISBN 0-00-714911-5)

For the first time in A-format paperback, J.R.R. Tolkien`s novella about the adventures of a bewitched toy dog While on holiday in 1925, four-year-old Michael Tolkien lost his beloved toy dog on the beach at Filey in Yorkshire. To console him, his father, J. R. R. Tolkien, improvised a story about Rover, a real dog who is magically transformed into a toy and is forced to seek out the wizard who wronged him in order to be returned to normal. This charming tale, peopled by a sand-sorcerer and a...