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Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Volume 3

P. Buchanan

Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Volume 3

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  • ISBN: 0714839337
  • 240 страниц
  • декабрь 1999
  • Phaidon

Аннотация к книге "Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Volume 3"

The publication of the third volume in this series of monographs marked a watershed in Piano’s career. In 1995 the Building Workshop completed Kansai Airport in Japan, which is Piano’s largest work to date. The airport is thoroughly documented from its initial design through to its construction, and is then experienced as a finished building. Other ongoing and completed projects are also included, such as the Lingotto Factory Renovation in Turin, the Cite Internationale in Lyons, the Cy Twombly Pavilion in Houston, Texas, the Rome Auditoria, the Saitama Arena in Japan, and L’Ile Seguin and Le Grand Stade in Paris.

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