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Pushed to the Edge

Код 3611746

  • ISBN: 9781844010011
  • 48 страниц
  • январь 2005

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Hands across the sectarian divide - and not everyone`s happy. The early 1970s, and Joe, a republican sympathiser, pals up with Sharon, a Protestant girl. His cards are marked... Joe`s friend Mick joins the Cause and after a spell in the Kesh goes on the run with Tom, another activist. Then - they get the word; a big operation is planned in Armagh city centre. It goes horribly wrong - by accident or design? Is it another betrayal, like the 1920 Partition act? Trainor`s play probes the motivation...

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Дата выхода: январь 2005
ISBN: 9781844010011
Объём: 48 страниц

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