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Professional XSL. На английском языке

Kurt Cagle

Professional XSL. На английском языке

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  • ISBN: 1-861003-57-9
  • 790 страниц
  • август 2001
  • Wrox Press Ltd
  • 1315 г

Аннотация к книге "Professional XSL. На английском языке"

Professional XSL takes an applied, tutorial-style approach to teaching the core fundamentals of the XSLT, XPath and XSL-FO specifications. You\'ll learn how to create well structured and modularized stylesheets to generate your required output, how to change, filter, and sort data, and how to incorporate other content for presentation purposes. XML is now the established standard for platform-neutral data storage and exchange, separating content from presentation. Its popularity is due to the...