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Professional PHP4 Programming

Luis Argerich, Thomas Deepak, Choi Wankyu, C. John, Ken Egervari, G. Martin, Greant Zak, Hill Andrew, H. Chris, M. James, O`Dell Devon, P. Jon, Rawat Harish, Sani Tarique, S. Christopher, А. Гелогаев

Professional PHP4 Programming

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  • ISBN: 1-861-006-91-8
  • 974 страницы
  • февраль 2002
  • Wrox Press Ltd
  • 1600 г

Аннотация к книге "Professional PHP4 Programming"

PHP is an open source, server-side HTML-embedded web-scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. Outside of being browser-independent, it offers a simple and universal cross-platform solution for e-commerce, complex web, and database-driven applications.
Professional PHP4 will show you exactly how to create state of the art web applications that scale well, utilize databases optimally, and connect to a back-end network using a multi-tiered approach. This book also aims at teaching...