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Madeline Carroll

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Madeline Carroll (born March 18, 1996) is an American teen actress. Carroll was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is a homemaker and her father is a contractor. She has three brothers. She has appeared in a variety of television shows, including N.C.I.S., Cold Case, Grey's Anatomy, Lie to Me, Night Stalker, Wanted and Lost. In film, she has appeared in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause and Resident Evil: Extinction. Her first...

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Издательство: Книга по требованию
Дата выхода: июль 2011
ISBN: 978-6-1341-4905-1
Объём: 96 страниц
Масса: 166 г
Размеры(высота, ширина, толщина), см: 23 x 16 x 1

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