книги Художественная литература Беллетристика Женский, любовный роман

Love Comes West

Код 3609230

  • ISBN: 9781782134152
  • 218 страниц
  • ноябрь 2013

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Аннотация к книге "Love Comes West"

When beautiful nineteen-year-old Roberta`s beloved father, the Earl of Wentworth, dies, she is left alone and bereft in North Africa. Now she must travel to America to live with her aunt, Lady Margaret. On finally arriving, she is dismayed to find that she has died, her preacher husband has disappeared and that a cruel local Minister lives there instead, savagely mistreating Lady Margaret`s young adopted son, Danny. When the Minister dies of a heart attack, Roberta flees with young Danny and...

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Дата выхода: ноябрь 2013
ISBN: 9781782134152
Объём: 218 страниц

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