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Internet Core Protocols: the Definitive Guide (+CD)

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If you\'ve ever been responsible for a network, you know that sinking feeling: your pager has gone off at 2 a.m., the network is broken, and you can\'t figure out why by using a dial-in connection from home. You drive into the office, dig out your protocol analyzer, and spend the next four hours trying to put things back together before the staff shows up for work. When this happens, you often find yourself looking at the low-level guts of the Internet protocols: you\'re deciphering individual...

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Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Дата выхода: январь 1998
ISBN: 1-56592-572-6
Объём: 449 страниц
Масса: 780 г
Размеры(высота, ширина, толщина), см: 24 x 18 x 3

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