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Penguin Readers 2: Heidi

Spyri, Johanna

Penguin Readers 2: Heidi

бумажная книга

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С 1997 года книга «Penguin Readers 2: Heidi» переиздавалась 7 раз. Дата первого издания «Heidi»: январь 1997 года, последнее, 7-е издание вышло в декабре 2011 года.

Аннотация к книге "Penguin Readers 2: Heidi"

Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Heidi lives with her grandfather in his little wooden house, high up in the mountains of Switzerland. One day Heidi`s aunt arrives and takes her to Clara`s home in Frankfurt. Heidi likes her new friend, but she doesn`t like living in a big house in the city. Can she go back to her home in the mountains?

Аннотация к изданию: январь 1997 года (издательство "Wordsworth Editions Ltd.", ISBN 1-85326-125-4)

`Heidi` is the heart-warming tale of a small girl`s power for good, and it has remained a firm favourite since it was first published over 100 years ago. It has been filmed and televised several times.
It tells of the orphan Heidi and her idyllic existence with her gruff grandfather in the mountains. When she is sent to live in a city, comic chaos ensues, and eventually it is arranged that Heidi should return to the mountains. Together she and her friend Peter, the goatherd, achieve wondrous changes in the community in which they live.