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New Headway Work Book (с ключом), уровень – Pre-Intermediate

Soars L., Soars J., Wheeldon S.

New Headway Work Book (с ключом), уровень – Pre-Intermediate

бумажная книга

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  • ISBN: 978-0-194-71586-7
  • 96 страниц
  • сентябрь 2011
С 2004 года книга «New Headway Work Book (с ключом), уровень – Pre-Intermediate» переиздавалась 4 раза. Дата первого издания «Headway Intermediate. Work book»: май 2004 года, последнее, 4-е издание вышло в сентябре 2011 года.

Аннотация к книге "New Headway Work Book (с ключом), уровень – Pre-Intermediate"

90% new, with refreshed content and new features. - 12 units (previously 14) fit better with school syllabuses and course length. - New angles on topics, new reading texts and listenings, and new design and illustrations are combined with the tried and tested methodology. - More integrated pronunciation practice including Music of English boxes focusing on word and sentence stress, and extra pronunciation work in every unit of the Workbook. - 12 complete writing lessons. Model texts and...

Аннотация к изданию: декабрь 2005 года (издательство "Oxford University Press", ISBN 0-19-435802-X)

New Headway English Course takes the successful Headway series into an exciting new era. It introduces new features to challenge adult and young adult students and ensure that learning English is interesting and motivating. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches, to help students use English both accurately and fluently. Learners at the upper-intermediate level require a different approach. It is no longer appropriate to examine language items in...