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Hardware Hacking Projects for Geers

Scott Fullam

Hardware Hacking Projects for Geers

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  • ISBN: 0-596-00314-5
  • 348 страниц
  • январь 2004
  • Oreilly

Аннотация к книге "Hardware Hacking Projects for Geers"

From building an Internet toaster to creating a cubicle intrusion detection system, Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks offers an array of inventive, customized electronics projects for the geek who can\'t help looking at a gadget and wondering how it might be "upgraded." Beginning with basic hacks, tools, and techniques for those who may not have a background in electronics, the book covers the tools of the hardware hacking trade and basic soldering techniques, then moves into more advanced hacking projects. Clear step-by-step instructions allow even those with no formal electronics- or hardware-engineering skills to hack real hardware in very clever ways.

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