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Hack I.T. - Security Through Penetration Testing (+CD)

T.J. Klevinsky, Scott Laliberte, Ajay Gupta

Hack I.T. - Security Through Penetration Testing (+CD)

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  • ISBN: 0-201-71956-8
  • 512 страниц
  • май 2001
  • Addison-Wesley
  • 1100 г

Аннотация к книге "Hack I.T. - Security Through Penetration Testing (+CD)"

"This book covers not just the glamorous aspects such as the intrusion act itself, but all of the pitfalls, contracts, clauses, and other gotchas that can occur. The authors have taken their years of trial and error, as well as experience, and documented a previously unknown black art."--From the Foreword by Simple Nomad, Senior Security Analyst, BindView RAZOR TeamPenetration testing--in which professional, "white hat" hackers attempt to break through an organization\'s security defenses--has...

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