Fiona Fusspot

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A superb series of graded readers using the highly acclaimed phonic approach developed by reading expert Ruth Miskin. There are four levels - Blue (the easiest), Green, Purple and Turquoise (the hardest). Each level is linked to one of the core Superphonics books. Green Storybooks practise the sounds taught in Superphonics Book 3. All the Storybooks are fun to read and beautifully designed and illustrated in colour. Fiona Fusspot focuses on the following sounds: double consonants, `ll` as in `yell`, blended consonants, `ng` as in `hang` and two or three consonants together, `sk` as in `skin`, and `ft` as in `lift`.

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Издательство: Hodder & Stoughton
Дата выхода: январь 2013
ISBN: 978-0-340-79703-7
Объём: 24 страниц
Обложка: мягкая

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