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Falling for You


Falling for You

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  • ISBN: 0-7553-0485-3
  • 442 страницы
  • ноябрь 2004
  • Hodder
  • 235 г

Аннотация к книге "Falling for You"

Maddy Harvey was a bit of an ugly duckling as a teenager, what with her N.H.S. specs, unfortunate hair and wonky teeth. Thankfully she`s blossomed since then. But when she meets Kerr McKinnon one starry summer`s night and discovers, days later, who he actually is... well, that`s when the problems really start. Because everyone in Ashcombe knows what happened eleven years ago, and as far as her mother`s concerned, Marcella would rather tear that family to pieces with her bare hands than see Maddy associate with a McKinnon. It`s Romeo and Juliet all over again. Quick, hide those sharp knives and that little bottle of poison...