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Это интересно Учебное пособие

Это интересно Учебное пособие

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  • ISBN: 5-16-000770-9
  • 184 страницы
  • январь 2001
  • Инфра-М
  • 140 г

Аннотация к книге "Это интересно Учебное пособие"

The bourgeois revolutionaries 4 What do you know about art?6 A home for the homes 7 Dinosaurs in London 9 The magic of make-up 10 Imagism 11 Suit sense 13 White houses opulent annex goes public 13 The mystery of memory 14 The british press 16 Make a date 17 «Here i stand»18 A drop of blood 19 Let storks survive! 20 Arts enduring attraction for thieves 20 Clowning 23 People who never need to eat 24 Living under cover 26 The day of the dinosaur 26 How fo read weather signs...

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