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Design Essentials
L. Cohen
Design Essentials
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Design Essentials

L. Cohen

Design Essentials

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  • ISBN: 0-201-71363-2
  • 235 страниц
  • август 2002
  • Adobe Press
  • 640 г

Аннотация к книге "Design Essentials"

Graphic artists in the know have long used Adobe Photoshop in concert with Adobe Illustrator to create outstanding graphics; the programs\' complementary interfaces and features make them a natural pair. Design Essentials, Fourth Edition shows you how to draw on the considerable strengths of Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10. Luanne Seymour Cohen explores dozens of valuable design techniques such as manipulating photographs, producing complex patterns, and creating various t.ext effects. Her clear, step-by-step explanations are full of tips and time-saving shortcuts, augmented with gorgeous full-color illustrations that demonstrate each step of the process.

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