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Colo Colo (Mythology)

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Colo Colo or Colocolo, is a malignant creature of Mapuche mythology. The Colo Colo's aspects differ slightly according to which zone of Chile. In Mapuche the Colo Colo has a serpent form with legs, similar to a long rat with feathers. Whereas in the south of Chile, the Huilliche culture represents them as a long mouse with the head similar to a head of a rooster. The Colo Colo are born from an egg that was incubated by a "rooster", and would feed...

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Издательство: Книга по требованию
Дата выхода: июль 2011
ISBN: 978-6-1341-8412-0
Объём: 84 страниц
Масса: 147 г
Размеры(высота, ширина, толщина), см: 23 x 16 x 1

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