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Charles Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester

Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, John McBrewster

Charles Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester

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Аннотация к книге "Charles Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester"

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Charles Ingoldsby Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester PC was a British peer and courtier, styled Earl of Wiltshire from 1794 until 1800. Born Lord Charles Ingoldsby Paulet, he was the eldest son of the 12th Marquess of Winchester and was educated at Eton and Clare College, Cambridge. After graduating, he served with the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards as an ensign from 1784–86 then sat in the Commons as Member of Parliament for Truro from 1792–96. He then...