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Beginning Databases with MySQL: на английском языке

N. Matthew, Richard Stones

Beginning Databases with MySQL: на английском языке

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  • ISBN: 1-861006-92-6
  • 576 страниц
  • февраль 2002
  • Wrox Press Ltd
  • 970 г

Аннотация к книге "Beginning Databases with MySQL: на английском языке"

MySQL is the world\'s most popular Open Source Relational Database designed for speed, power, and precision in heavy load use. MySQL AB is the company owned and run by the MySQL founders and main developers. MySQL offers the database programmer with a range of options and capabilities rarely seen in other database servers. MySQL runs under a broad array of operating systems. This book is a complete tutorial on MySQL features and functions and takes you through the whole process from installation and configuration of MySQL to executing commands and basic administration of the database server. We\'ll show you how to integrate MySQL with programming languages for the Web.

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