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Английский в диалогах и ситуациях Учебное пособие

Английский в диалогах и ситуациях Учебное пособие

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  • ISBN: 5-16-000769-5
  • 135 страниц
  • январь 2001
  • Инфра-М
  • 110 г

Аннотация к книге "Английский в диалогах и ситуациях Учебное пособие"

1. EVERYDAY DIALOGUES 4 At the post office 4 Bed and breakfast 5 Difficulties in either case 5 Pop records 6 «Its happened again!»6 Town or country: Whats your view?7 An interview 9 At the filling station 9 Chandu moves in 10 A place of my own 12 Mr. West at the mens shop 12 Likes and dislikes 13 Looking for a flat 14 Washing up 15 In the bus 16 At the textiles counter 17 Offering refreshments 18 A taxi 19 Jan has a talk with his professor 20 Addressing people, greeting...

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