Amazing Spider-Man: Secret Origins

Код 3117892

  • ISBN: 978-0-7851-6472-2
  • 144 страницы
  • октябрь 2012

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Just in time for the upcoming cinematic blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man comes this volume spotlighting the Web-Head`s colorful cast of characters, and introducing the film`s principal players! Swing along with Spidey as he gains new and frightening powers, tangles with the likes of the Lizard, Electro, and Captain George Stacey - not to mention perennial thorn-in-the-side Flash Thompson - and honors the memory of his beloved Uncle Ben!

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Дата выхода: октябрь 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7851-6472-2
Объём: 144 страниц
Обложка: мягкая

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