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All My Yesterdays

Код 3611147

  • ISBN: 9781847481450
  • 332 страницы
  • январь 2007

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All my yesterdays belong to the past; the future belongs to no one From his early life on a farm in pre-war Pembrokeshire to years spent working in education, James Marsden has witnessed first-hand the sweeping changes the world has undergone over the last seven decades. This is what makes All My Yesterdays more than the story of one everyman`s life (exceptional as that life has been); rather, it is a record of the past, of a rural way of life in rapid decline and a golden age of education that`s now little more than a memory. James Marsden now lives with his wife in the city of Llandaff on the outskirts of Cardiff.

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Дата выхода: январь 2007
ISBN: 9781847481450
Объём: 332 страниц

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