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A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
Издание: июль 2010 года (издательство "Книга по требованию", ISBN 1-419102-82-6)
Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man ***
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Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man ***


Joyce, James

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man ***

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  • ISBN: 978-0-00-744939-2
  • 290 страниц
  • апрель 2012
С 2002 года книга «Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man ***» переиздавалась 5 раз. Дата первого издания «A Portrait of Artist as a Young Man»: январь 2002 года, последнее, 5-е издание вышло в апреле 2012 года.

Аннотация к книге "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man ***"

Autobiographical in tone, Joyces tale of Stephen Dedalus` journey into adulthood explores the intellectual and moral development of an artist as he struggles to overcome the ingrained Catholic consciousness of his childhood - a family life governed by Irish history, religion and politics. Realistic and innovative in its approach, Joyce expertly encapsulates the development of individual consciousness and the role of the artist in society in what is considered one of his greatest works.

Аннотация к изданию: январь 2002 года (издательство "Wordsworth Editions Ltd.", ISBN 1-85326-006-1)

"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" represent the transitional stage between the realism of Joyce`s "Dubliners" and the symbolism of "Ulysses", and is essential to the understanding of the later work.
The novel is a highly autobiographical account of the adolescence and youth of Stephen Dedalus, who reappears in "Ulysses", and who comes to realize that before he can become a true artist, he must rid himself of the stultifying effects of the religion, politics and essential bigotry of his background in late 19th century Ireland.
Written with a light touch, this is perhaps the most accessible of Joyce`s works.

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